Winter Weather Watch
Please check here before you leave!

The Colourstrings Music School plans to be open as usual during adverse winter weather conditions. Should the weather prevent us from opening on any day we will publish a notice here as early as possible.

Upcoming Events

February 16th
Half term: no CMS that day

March 9th
Flute and Guitar concert; 4.30pm at Kingston University

March 16th
Solo string concert (not 1st 2nd 3rd years) 5pm

Colourstrings Music School Image

The Colourstrings Music School (CMS) offers music education from the age of eighteen months to eighteen years. From 1994 to 2018 we have been resident at Southlands College, Roehampton University. From September 2018 we are moving to our new home at Kingston University. Nearly 300 children attend the centre every Saturday and some lessons take place in the week. CMS specialises in the Colourstrings method, based on the Kodály approach, which integrates instrumental tuition with aural training and musicianship. The school's special strengths are in building musical literacy from the very beginning through kindergarten musicianship, nurturing the innate musicality of each child at every stage, turning concerts into a normal activity and building up childrens' confidence as performers. All this is achieved through a highly integrated programme in a relaxed and child-sensitive environment.