CMS offers music tuition for three terms (a total of 33 weeks). Payments per term are for the Kindergarten only; other payments are annual, payable either in one payment or by a standing order of ten monthly instalments from September to June (or fewer instalments if you join in the middle of the year). All prices are reviewed annually and may increase in line with our costs. Colourstrings Music School is a non-profit organisation.

There are four packages for those who have not started an instrument yet or are taking their instrumental lessons outside CMS

Package Cost
Kindergarten Baby Classes Per Annum £528
All Other Kindergarten Classes Per Annum £594
Musicianship Per Annum £540
Musicianship & Orchestra Per Annum £1080

Instrumental packages

Individual tuition at CMS is part of a greater musical education that involves musicianship and ensemble playing, as well as many smaller components, as the list below show.

Instrumental packages are divided into junior, intermediate and senior, their content and flat fee (no additional costs except music books, external exam fees (Trinity Guildhall and ABRSM) and some expenses for participation in festivals and tours) is summarised below. Fees are payable either annually or by standing order over 10 months.

  Junior Intermediate Senior
Individual lesson 30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
Orchestra / Ensemble*
Play in Concerts
Universal Choir
Chamber Music**
Assessments and Reports
Visiting Teacher Workshops
Per Month Cost (Over 10 Months) £178.20 £218.70 £261.90
Per Annum Cost £1782.00 £2187.00 £2619.00

*Students studying piano recieve a discount on tution as they are unable to form ensemble groups.

**Chamber music groups are optional for intermidate and senior levels, but gifted pupils below that level will also be encouraged to form chamber groups (and there is no extra charge for coaching in all cases)

Sibling discount

Where more than two children from one family attend the school, CMS offers a 7% discount off the entire family's fee.

Terms and Conditions

All students must agree to our terms and conditions before starting tution at the school
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