Children as individuals and as part of a greater community

CMS emphasises the whole development of each child as an individual musician. Much of the Colourstrings teaching is focused on helping young children become musically literate and develop real reading skills, a rare endeavour in today’s music education. The Colourstrings ethos is freedom within a rigorous framework. It is notable how CMS teachers instill work habits gradually and constructively while continuously nurturing pupils’ innate impulse to express themselves.

CMS puts a great emphasis on communal music making, from the early kindergarten classes to its many instrumental groups, orchestras, and choir. The philosophy behind it is both musical and social. Concerts also become a normal part of everyday life. Every Saturday there are two informal concerts known as ‘play-ins’ where children at different stages of learning mix and play to each other and their families. There are also bigger concerts at the end of term as well as special concerts and music festivals.

Finally, CMS is also a community in the pedagogical sense: instrumental, ensemble and musicianship teachers are able to discuss pedagogical and personal issues of individual pupils whenever the need arises. This exchange of information, along with the integrated musical programme, gives teachers at CMS a multifaceted view of the pupil’s musical level, abilities, needs and personality. The different activities in the school are coordinated by the music director.