Demonstration of early music instruments at Colourstings Music School

We accept applications from all children of kindergarten age; 0-5 years (our youngest class is for age 18 months). We also are happy to hear from string players who play at grade 5 standard and are interested in joining our string chamber orchestra.

CMS is an oversubscribed school, yet it does not audition children, as this is incompatible with a belief in the innate musicality of every child. The only prerequisite is commitment. At CMS children are guided on a path of learning that enables them to sustain their original love of music while leading them to a high degree of musical competence and technical ability. It takes into consideration the less able as well as the most talented. Many will continue to a professional level, but in the end, all pupils gain a satisfying means of self-expression and a recreational and social tool that lasts them a lifetime.