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Music Director

Rachel Erdos BA (Oxford), PG dip (Trinity), MA (Oxford), BKA, MSTAT [Profile]

Deputy Director

Maryan Balkwill ARCM, GRSM [Profile]

Colourstrings Orchestra Conductor

Blai Soler BA (RCM, hons), PG dip (RCM), MA Comp (KCL)


Holger Aston MA (Oxon), MA (Liszt Academy), ARCM, LRAM [Profile]
Angela Fogg MA Dip ABRSM LRSM CKME PGDip [Profile]
Leslie Anne Lewis MA, MMus, PhD
Alan Murdock 


Fiona Chesterman  [Profile]
Angela Dally 
Rachel Erdos BA (Oxford), PG dip (Trinity), MA (Oxford), BKA, MSTAT [Profile]
Bea Leadbetter 
Jane Metcalfe ARCM [Profile]
Blai Soler BA (RCM, hons), PG dip (RCM), MA Comp (KCL)
Cressida Wislocki Bmus, Mmus


Fiona Chesterman  [Profile]
Bea Leadbetter 
Jane Metcalfe ARCM [Profile]
Cressida Wislocki Bmus, Mmus


Maryan Balkwill ARCM, GRSM [Profile]
Miguel Calvo Mmus (Guildhall), Pg Dip (Trinity) [Profile]
Mark Dobson AGSM MSTAT


Muriel Levin BMus ARCM, Founder, Holiday Music Piano/Chamber Music Courses. [Profile]
Petra Malik Bmus Hons
Cordelia Mathews GTCL, LRAM
John Rolfe Leverhulme Sharp BA[Hons] ARCM [Profile]
Alexandra (Szandra) Vilmányi  [Profile]

Alexandra Vilmányi has been teaching piano for more than a decade now, working in this field since her graduation. Alongside her interest in classical education, Alexandra has a passion for early music. She gained her Master's diploma as a harpsichordist in 2004 at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where she studied on the early music course with Nicholas Parle. Before becoming involved with baroque music, she studied piano at the Liszt Ferenc Music College in Hungary, Budapest, with András Kemenes and graduated as a piano teacher. In 2007, Alexandra completed her harpsichord studies at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy. Over the past few years she has split her career between London and Budapest, and gained experience in a variety of teaching styles. While in London she taught many lovely private pupils, and for the past three years she has been teaching teenagers and young adults both piano and harpsichord in the Music Specialized Pikéthy Secondary School in Vác, Hungary. She has also taught piano at the Music School Pécsi Sebestyén in Budapest. Aside from her interest in teaching, Alexandra always enjoys performing as a harpsichord and continuo player in orchestras and chamber groups specialising in early music. These engagements have led her to various parts of Europe, where she has come across excellent musicians and stimulating people.


Double Bass

Liz Bradley 


Octavia Lamb 


Daniel Bovey BMus (hons) [Profile]
George Tarlton  [Profile]

KG Teacher

Kath Cleeve  Colourstrings Associate Teacher (Music Kindergarten) ;Certificate of Music Education (Trinity College of Music) ;Counselling Children & Adolescents Diploma (Level 4) [Profile]
Nod Ownsworth Dip Ed, BscHons Psy, Cert Mus Ed (Trinity)


Holger Aston MA (Oxon), MA (Liszt Academy), ARCM, LRAM [Profile]
Angela Edwards CKME, CSAK, Cert (Mus) Ed
Angela Fogg MA Dip ABRSM LRSM CKME PGDip [Profile]


Sangita Kale 


Niamh Hunter BA Primary Education (QTS)

KG assistant

Cathy Johnson BA Mus Hons

Visiting Teachers

Mr Pal Banda (Cello) 
Miss Sarah Bennington (Flute) BMUS Hons (1st class)
Mrs Marianne Dodge (Flute/Theory) Ed Hons (Cantab), Ct ABRSM
Ms Gerri Drought (Violin) 
Miss Hermia Edwards (Administration) 
Ms Ruth Herbert (Musicianship) 
Miss Lesley Larkum (Violin) Bmus, Mmus, ASCM, PG RCM (cond.)
Dr Shay Loya (Piano) BA Hons (TAU), MA Hons (TAU), PhD (KCL)
Miss Diana Mathews (Violin/Viola) LRAM
Miss Felicity Ockelford (Assistant) 
Mrs Rebekka Poffley (KG) 
Mr Christopher Poffley (Cello/Piano) Bmus ARCM
Ms Gil Sharp (Violin) GTCL, LTCL (Mus Ed), LTCL, ATCL
Ms Caroline Tait (Violin) 
Prof David Vinden (Musicianship/Choir) LRAM, GRSM, Bmus Hons (London), Adv Cert Kodály Inst, ARAM
Miss Maiko Vinden (Assistant) 
Ms Ali Warner (KG Teacher) BA Hons CombSocSci, BKA (Inter Mus), CKME